English Text compression test

File type : English text (1995 CIA World Fact Book)
# of files to compress in this test : 1
Total File Size (bytes) : 2,988,578
Sample of data :

Overview: Argentina, rich in natural resources, benefits also from a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Nevertheless, following decades of mismanagement and statist policies, the economy in the late 1980s was plagued with huge external debts and recurring bouts of hyperinflation. Elected in 1989, in the depths of recession, President MENEM has implemented a comprehensive economic restructuring program that shows signs of putting Argentina on a path of stable, sustainable growth. Argentina's currency has traded at par with the US dollar since April 1991, and inflation has fallen to its lowest level in 20 years. Argentines have responded to the relative price stability by repatriating flight capital and investing in domestic industry. The economy registered an impressive 6% advance in 1994, fueled largely by inflows of foreign capital and strong domestic consumption spending.

Conclusion: The top programs in this test are specifically optimised for (English) text compression and/or include an internal or external dictionary. This partly explains the relatively big difference between the top and the programs just behind them. Many other optimisations in English language compression are possible because of context knowledge. The effect of a dictionary can be seen when comparing the results of PAQAR 4.5 and PAQAR 4.1 (use the show historic data option). Basically PAQAR 4.5 is PAQAR 4.1 with an external dictionary... The best program not using an external dictionary is PAQ8 on 3rd place.

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