Adobe Acrobat document PDF file compression test

File type : Macromedia Flash MX Manual; Adobe Acrobat PDF document
# of files to compress in this test : 1
Total File Size (bytes) : 4,526,946

Conclusion: Adobe Acrobat PDF's (Portable Document Format) are highly interesting files to compress, because they contain already pre-compressed data, but still have enough 'room' for further compression. PDF's can consist of text, graphics, and other media formats. The difference in compression ratio's between the best programs (WinRK and PAQ8/PAQAR) and the worst well know program (Winzip 8.0) is quite small. This is probably caused by the pre-compressed nature of the PDF file.

PAQ8 is capable of detecting embedded images within the PDF and compress them with a better suited algorithm. WinRK is equiped with a special algoritm for compressing the pre-compressed data present in the PDF file.

Stuffit 12.0 is capable of compressing this file down to 3300 KB using a PDF recompression technique, but this is done "pixel perfect". To the eye not a single pixel or ancillary info is changed but the bit sequence is slightly different than the original. While being perfectly fine for normal users, this is a lossless compression test and therefore the results are not included here.

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