Help (HLP) file compression test

File type : Delphi First Impression OCX Help file (vcfiu.hlp).
# of files to compress in this test : 1
Total File Size (bytes) : 4,121,418

Conclusion: In the Windows HLP-file test the top 3 programs significantly outperforming the others. Not surprisingly all 3 are compressors with a PAQ (like) engine; WinRK (PWCM) and PAQAR/PAQ8. They have an archive size under 430 kbyte, all other programs, with the exception of NanoZIP in CM-mode, have an archive size >480 kbyte. WinZip 8.0 is performing very poorly on HLP-file compression.

The HLP-file test is probably one of the most fair ones in the testset. Some developers tune their compressors towards certain testset files (EXE, TXT etc) by using dictionaries and other tricks. A HLP-file is a bit harder to optimise for, so good allround compressors like the PAQ family score well here. If you have some 'strange' files you want to compress try PAQ8, it will probably do very well compared to most other top programs. In this test the resulting filesize of PAQ8/PAQAR/WinRK is more then 52 Kb smaller then the number 5 in the test!.

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